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Instaflex Reviews Research and Report

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Instaflex Report Reveals Consumers Left Feeling Scammed

This is a report of our findings on Instaflex, not a review or our personal opinion.  Based upon our research of the brand, its ingredients and the opinions of their consumers, we have compiled the following report to speed your research and to highlight any interesting findings; both positive and negative.


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These reviews are conducted by taking the time to look at the research behind the active ingredients contained in Instaflex and by reviewing other available information about the company / quality of the product.

Instaflex is another one of the joint supplement companies that use large TV ad campaigns to generate buzz about their product.  While they sell the product in GNC, you are unable to just buy the product on their website on a one-time basis.  Instaflex forces you take a FREE TRIAL offer for 14 days, which sounds nice enough, until  you start getting billed automatically.  We have always found this business practice to be somewhat shady, but as long as they disclose this to consumers, it is up to you to read the fine print.    See how Instaflex stood up in a comparison of 10 major brands. Continue reading