Omega XL Review and Report

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Omega XL Reviews May Surprise You, Read Before You Buy

This is a report of our findings on Omega XL, not a review or our personal opinion.  Based upon our research of the brand, its ingredients and the opinions of their consumers, we have compiled the following report to speed your research and to highlight any interesting findings; both positive and negative.  


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Omega XL is a very visible joint supplement in the marketplace. Extensive TV advertisements and other media adds fuel to their online presence. According to reports, the sales volume of Omega XL is rising, however the reviews of consumers and the complaints board websites tell a much more concerning story.

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In order the set the record straight, we thought we would take a thorough look at Omega XL and publish our review and report of this joint supplement. After doing our research and investigation, we came to 2 Conclusions about Omega XL.

1. Omega XL Provides Incomplete or Limited Joint Pain Relief

Omega XL joint supplement is named because of the fact that it contains Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Fish oil, which can be harvested from a number of sources as well as manufactured in a lab, although Omega XL claims it is harvested from the “green lipped muscles of New Zealand”. The notion that Omega 3’s perform any differently in your body because they are from New Zealand is comical, even misleading if we are being honest. However, there is plenty of information which documents numerous health benefits of Omega 3’s, one of which applies to joint health…inflammation.

Treating inflammation is a PART of treating your joint pain, but it is only a part. Omega XL will lead you to believe that simply taking Omega 3’s will remove all of your joint trouble in less than a week. That is just not true. Reducing inflammation will relieve pain within the joint for some people, however if cause of your joint pain is not treated, the inflammation will return along with the pain.

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Omega XL contains no active ingredients designed to address the problems within your joints which are CAUSING THE INFLAMMATION. In other words, if the spacing between bones within your joints is causing your joint pain and inflammation, Omega XL will do nothing to fix the problem. It treats one aspect of joint pain and does nothing to actually improve your overall joint health.

To put it plainly, there are more advanced joint treatments available, ones with far more extensive results.

2. Omega XL Has an Alarming Number of Consumer Complaints Posted Online

Part of our research on joint supplements is to examine what consumers who have used Omega XL are saying about the product. That led us to a number of consumer websites that published complaints against Omega XL. These complaints vary in nature from the product does not work to complaints about dishonest billing practices. There were even some of their customers accusing them of fraudulent, un-authorized charges.

While the information on these websites can be posted whether it is true or not, any time you come across hundreds of complaints all documenting the same or similar complaints, there is usually some merit to the claims. While we don’t recommend you base your purchase decision solely on the information found on these websites, when combined with the scientific limitations of Omega 3s on joint health, it is enough for us to recommend you pass on Omega XL.

Overall Omega XL Review

Look, Omega 3 Fatty Acids have a lot of positive press about the effects it may have on the body, however very little of it relates to joint health.  Omega 3s can help your body reduce inflammation, however taking it orally has NOT BEEN PROVEN to rapidly reduce joint pain in any studies.  Most studies revolving around Omega 3 pertain to a number of inflammatory diseases, and the few which did study it pertaining to joint pain were inconclusive.  Most did not even study the results longer than 90 days.

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Omega XL is looking to capitalize on the positive press of Omega 3s.  They are hoping to convince you they have the remedy for your joint pain with exotic sounding ingredients like “green lipped muscles” from New Zealand, but there is no actual evidence or even documented research that this joint pill will work for you.

Add to that the number of complaints against Omega XL and there really is no question about it.  We recommend you pass on Omega XL and continue your search for the best joint pain pill.

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