Now Joint Support Reviews and Report

Now Joint Support Reports Say Pill Leaves Essential Ingredients Out

This is a report of our findings on Now Joint Support, not a review or our personal opinion.  Based upon our research of the brand, its ingredients and the opinions of their consumers, we have compiled the following report to speed your research and to highlight any interesting findings; both positive and negative.

Our Now Joint Support Reviews started by examining claims that this joint support formula now-joint-support-reviewsis incomplete.  Now Joint Support uses a number of ingredients, too many of them to discuss in detail here, however very few ingredients pertain specifically to joint health.

Now Joint Support uses Glucosamine HCl as its primary active ingredient, and while we prefer glucosamine sulfate due to the results of clinical studies, it is better to have some glucosamine than none at all.  We were a bit shocked, however, to see that even Now Joint Support manufacturers claim it needs to be taken along with Hyaluronic Acid for best results. (source)

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It is no surprise to our experts that hyaluronic acid is critical to joint health.  It is a primary component in synovium, the fluid surrounding the joints. (source)  It has been documented as the premier joint supplement ingredient, so its not shocking that they recommend using it.  We are shocked that they force customers to buy two separate supplements in order to achieve the results that the best joint supplements would simply include in their formula to begin with.

It is not just Hyaluronic acid that makers of Now Joint Support claims you need to add in addition, they also recommend chondroitin sulfate and msm.  Our question is simple, if you know this is what is needed for complete joint support, why sell a product that is incomplete?

Now Joint Support Report have revealed that while this company is guilty of trying to convince consumers to purchase multiple products simultaneously to remedy their joint discomfort, they are not alone.  Many of the joint supplement companies on the market have similar marketing practices.   It is a bit unnerving if you ask us.

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Overall Now Joint Support Report

When we are choosing a joint supplement, we are not only trying to find the most effective joint pill, but we are trying to find the best overall value.  It is true that you could go to the store and purchase each ingredient individually and create your own “formula” for joint support.  The problem is that this will likely be very costly and you will wind up taking many pills each day.  We see no value in this, therefore we cannot recommend Now Joint Support for our readers.

Yes, some of the ingredients needed to relieve joint discomfort are contained in Now Joint Support, but even the manufacturer concedes that for good results, you need to add additional supplements.  In our opinion, if you are going to spend your money on a joint supplement, it should contain everything you need in order to achieve the results you want, not just some of the ingredients.  As such, our recommendation on Now Joint Support is to Pass, there are more effective, better value alternatives out there.

See how NOW compared to 10 major brands