Joint Juice Reviews and Report

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Joint Juice Reviews Reveal Joint Drink Uses Un-Proven Ingredient

This is a report of our findings on Joint Juice, not a review or our personal opinion.  Based upon our research of the brand, its ingredients and the opinions of their consumers, we have compiled the following report to speed your research and to highlight any interesting findings; both positive and negative.

Joint Juice reviews show the company burst on to the scene a few years back with the Joe joint-juice-reviewsMontana commercial.  I know it grabbed my attention and obviously enough Americans agree because the company has been doing well ever since.  Joint Juice is a joint supplement unlike many of the others that we review and discuss here because it is a drink rather than a capsule or pill.

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Liquid supplements are always somewhat of a concern for us due to the fact that taste has to play a role.  Typically supplements taste gross, however joint juice wasn’t that bad.  I wouldn’t drink it if there was no hope of joint pain relief, however it is tolerable.  The main issue we had with Joint Juice was their use of an a less effective version of Glucosamine. (source) 

Let me be clear about glucosamine.  There are two forms of glucosamine commonly used in joint supplements.  Glucosamine HCL and Glucosamine Sulfate.  Joint Juice contains Glucosamine HCL, which is far less effective and is basically a watered down version of Glucosamine Sulfate. (source)  If you are joint discomfort you are looking for Glucosamine Sulfate.

Glucosamine can be essential to establishing joint health, but consumers need to be aware which type they actually want.  Many people foolishly think that they are one in the same.  Some “hype” marketers even try to mislead consumers further by posting studies that glucosamine does not work.  Glucosamine HCL, like what is Joint Juice does not work, But Glucosamine Sulfate has proven highly effective.

See how Joint Juice compared to 10 major brands

Joint Juice is also unclear as to the type of Green Tea extract it uses, and causes us to believe that they either don’t understand the difference between the different types of ingredients  or they don’t care.  Unfortunately, either way it renders the joint supplement relatively ineffective.

Overall Joint Juice Reviews and Report

Joint Juice brings an interesting delivery to the table for joint supplements.  While their formula seems incomplete and thrown together hastily, the juice itself isn’t that bad to drink. As far as removing joint discomfort, joint juice users have very mixed emotions.  Some claim the product helps them and they wouldn’t live without it, however the majority claim it is yet another joint supplement that didn’t like up to the hype.

See how Joint Juice compared to 10 major brands

If you have an aversion to capsules and you simply have to drink your supplements then Joint Juice may be for you.  For everyone else there are simply far more effective joint supplements on the market to choose from.  Joint Juice is a great name and a great idea but the formula and the results tell the story of a profit driven product that promise a great deal and deliver very little.