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Instaflex Report Reveals Consumers Left Feeling Scammed

This is a report of our findings on Instaflex, not a review or our personal opinion.  Based upon our research of the brand, its ingredients and the opinions of their consumers, we have compiled the following report to speed your research and to highlight any interesting findings; both positive and negative.


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These reviews are conducted by taking the time to look at the research behind the active ingredients contained in Instaflex and by reviewing other available information about the company / quality of the product.

Instaflex is another one of the joint supplement companies that use large TV ad campaigns to generate buzz about their product.  While they sell the product in GNC, you are unable to just buy the product on their website on a one-time basis.  Instaflex forces you take a FREE TRIAL offer for 14 days, which sounds nice enough, until  you start getting billed automatically.  We have always found this business practice to be somewhat shady, but as long as they disclose this to consumers, it is up to you to read the fine print.    See how Instaflex stood up in a comparison of 10 major brands.

Instaflex has  a host of active ingredients which they “hype” in order to make them seem groundbreaking and highly effective.  In reality, most of these ingredients do have properties that theoretically would be beneficial to your joints, however their claims that you can resolve your joint pain once and for all in just a few days is overstated and just not true.

As we searched for testimonials of consumers, who were not compensated by Instaflex, to see what they had to say about this joint supplement, we were quite surprised by their response.  Customers report feeling scammed or defrauded of their money.  There are hundreds of reports that customers have canceled future orders, only to be billed over and over for products that they did not want, or cannot afford. (source) In addition, very few reports out there actually tout Instaflex’s effectiveness, most claim product did not work and that they feel they were scammed.  Some even are organizing a law suit, although we do not know the details.

Overall Instaflex Reviews and Report

We have two concerns about recommending a product like Instaflex.  Either of them by themselves are significant cause for caution, combined together they may be reason to stay away.

The science behind Instaflex – Instaflex has combined a number of active ingredients together to achieve a multitude goals.  Their ingredients work to prevent inflammation, ease joint stiffness and remove pain.  The problem is in the documented long term results of these ingredients.  Yes, each one has properties that can lend itself to aiding in joint health, yet there are no real long term studies to confirm this on humans. (source) This is a real concern for us and it should be for you when choosing a joint supplement.

See how Instaflex stood up in a comparison of 10 major brands.

The volume of Complaints against Instaflex – Complaints forums and consumer reporting websites share some consumer complaints with us.  These websites do not necessarily verify the accuracy of the complaints, so it is difficult to trust them.  However, when you have hundreds and hundreds of postings and complaints all of which make harsh accusations of fraud and scamming, you must acknowledge and consider this before making your decision.

Overall, we recommend you pass on Instaflex.  The free trial offer sounds nice, but it is not free and from the sounds of it, canceling the order is more difficult than you may imagine.  Furthermore, there are far superior joint supplements on the market, ones with no complaints and proven, medical grade ingredients.

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 See how Instaflex stood up in a comparison of 10 major brands.