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Anatabloc Reports Reveal Active Ingredient ONLY Tested on Mice

This is a report of our findings on Anatabloc, not a review or our personal opinion.  Based upon our research of the brand, its ingredients and the opinions of their consumers, we have compiled the following report to speed your research and to highlight any interesting findings; both positive and negative.


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Anatabloc is another well recognized brand of joint supplement.  Major television advertisement campaigns have landed Anatabloc as one of the more prominent joint supplements.  Celebrity endorsements from the likes of Fred Couples and John Isner have further spurred along sales volume, however everyone was surprised to find out that the active ingredients Anatabloc contains have never been tested on Humans in regards to joint pain. source

See how Anatabloc stood up in a comparison of 10 major brands.

Our Anatabloc Review began with a quick study of “the Science” page of their website.  There is a nice computer animation of their active ingredient blocking inflammation.  Then, tucked at the bottom of the page is the quote causing much controversy.  Anatabloc® has been shown in pre-clinical tests to assist in maintaining healthy levels of c-reactive protein, indicating that it helps provide anti-inflammatory support.”  

The problem is the wording Pre-Clinical.  Pre-Clinical, by definition, means the stage of research PRIOR TO HUMAN TESTING. source  Basically, what they are saying in a round-a-bout way is that they have seen some evidence in our testing on mice, however as of this time that evidence is not yet significant enough to warrant human testing.  

Obviously this is causing a great deal of negative press for Anatabloc and rightfully so.  Consumers turn to stores like GNC and retail locations for trusted joint supplements.  Realizing that you are spending hundreds of dollars a month on a product that has not only never been proven effective, it has never even shown enough evidence to warrant testing it to be effective on joint pain.

There was some additional research released by Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition in 2013 regarding the active ingredient Antabine, which Anatabloc contains.  The research was not specific to joint treatment, but rather muscle fatigue.  The test was designed to see if Antabine would reduce muscle soreness and speed recovery time, as Anatabloc as suggested it does.  The test proved that Antabine DID NOT reduce soreness from exercise nor did it speed recovery of strength. source

See how Anatabloc stood up in a comparison of 10 major brands.

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amazon_reviews_anatOverall Summary of Our Anatabloc Research and Report

After examining Anatabloc’s research carefully and taking a closer look at the “science,” or lack there of, behind the product, we are left to only draw one conclusion…CONSIDER OTHER CHOICES AT THIS TIME.

Even if there was reliable evidence it works, Anatabloc would only work on inflammation. Inflammation is only a fraction of the necessary treatment of the best joint supplements. While inflammation is directly related to pain, it does not help fix the source of the problem.  Any joint supplement worth its salt will address both the pain, and the source of the problem.

In time, the science may reveal that antabines are fantastic for joint health, but that has not happened as of yet.  Anatabloc has marketed the product beyond what the science has proven it capable of doing.  Furthermore, we have a hard time trusting a company that neglects the necessary, and essential research steps.

There are highly effective joint supplements on the market, but Anatabloc’s ingredients have not yet proven to be among them.  The TV ads are nice, as are the celebrity endorsements but in the end all it amounts to is hype, not results.  By choosing a different product with proven ingredients, you can make your wallet and your joints a lot happier.

See how Anatabloc stood up in a comparison of 10 major brands.